texas things


Texas Things
installation with 9 masks (denim, iron bases, polystrene), size varying (2014)
Galerija Remont, Beograd (RS), 2014, fronteras en cuestión 2, Centro de Desarrollo de las Artes Visuales, Havanna (CU), 2015

Despite the protests of different organisations lobbying for the rights of natives, and a diplomatic intervention by the United States, more than a hundred masks have been auctioned by two large Parisian auction houses in 2013. Most of the exhibits were Katsinam, holy masks of the Hopis, indigenous people in Arizona. Even representing them as a picture for an auction catalogue is a massive insult to the tradition of the Hopis.
Paying attention to these photos in particular – as an ambivalent act of producing secular art – preceded the work ahead: A selection of nine Katsinam pictures from auction catalogues were reworked with denim and given a used look by special washing techniques. The presentation of the objects was similar to that of one of the Parisian auction houses.

mask09 mask08 mask07 mask06 mask05 mask04 mask03 mask02 mask01